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Lesson 58

ACIM Review Lessons: 36 to 40

Suggested Reading: Workbook Review IIntroduction

These ideas are for review today:

W-pI.58.1. (36) My holiness envelops everything I see.

2 From my holiness does the perception of the real world come. 3 Having forgiven, I no longer see myself as guilty. 4 I can accept the innocence that is the truth about me. 5 Seen through understanding eyes, the holiness of the world is all I see, for I can picture only the thoughts I hold about myself.

W-pI.58.2. (37) My holiness blesses the world.

2 The perception of my holiness does not bless me alone. 3 Everyone and everything I see in its light shares in the joy it brings to me. 4 There is nothing that is apart from this joy, because there is nothing that does not share my holiness. 5 As I recognize my holiness, so does the holiness of the world shine forth for everyone to see.

W-pI.58.3. (38) There is nothing my holiness cannot do.

2 My holiness is unlimited in its power to heal, because it is unlimited in its power to save. 3 What is there to be saved from except illusions? 4 And what are all illusions except false ideas about myself? 5 My holiness undoes them all by asserting the truth about me. 6 In the presence of my holiness, which I share with God Himself, all idols vanish.

W-pI.58.4. (39) My holiness is my salvation.

2 Since my holiness saves me from all guilt, recognizing my holiness is recognizing my salvation. 3 It is also recognizing the salvation of the world. 4 Once I have accepted my holiness, nothing can make me afraid. 5 And because I am unafraid, everyone must share in my understanding, which is the gift of God to me and to the world.

W-pI.58.5. (40) I am blessed as a Son of God.

2 Herein lies my claim to all good and only good. 3 I am blessed as a Son of God. 4 All good things are mine, because God intended them for me. 5 I cannot suffer any loss or deprivation or pain because of Who I am. 6 My Father supports me, protects me, and directs me in all things. 7 His care for me is infinite, and is with me forever. 8 I am eternally blessed as His Son.

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